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Local Hero Grocery Box

From: £25.00 every 2 weeks

The perfect hassle-free way to get your groceries.

Sit back and relax as we provide your groceries weekly or fortnightly with easy and quick recipes to make sure you never say “What am I cooking tonight again?”

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Product Description

The Local Hero Grocery box helps to support local producers and suppliers provide you with the best produce for your family.


But it’s not for everyone.


The Local Hero Box is for committed families & individuals.

And for your commitment, as every hero is. You will be handsomely rewarded.


Choose what you like and don’t like from over 100 different grocery items. We don’t have exactly what you’re looking for? We’ll go get it.

Never been a a hero before and not sure whether to select a Small, Medium or Large box?

Tailor it to your family size based on what you’d usually spend in the supermarket on fresh groceries. You can always upgrade/downgrade your box as you go.

Choose a Weekly or Fortnightly delivery. You can pause if you’re heading on holiday too – we understand every hero needs some time off.

We pack and deliver for free

We pack each box by hand according to your likes and dislikes.

Then we’ll deliver it to your work or home for free!

Every box contains cool packs to keep your Meat, Dairy and Veg at their optimum temperatures from delivery to your fridge.

Enjoy the rewards of being a hero

Your box is packed with the freshest, tastiest and most beautiful local food to cook, chill or freeze.

Every box contains quick & easy recipe cards & cooking tips to inspire and ensure effortless ‘hero’ like cooking too.

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Large, Medium, Small


Fortnightly, Weekly