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The perfect auto-magical way to get your groceries and still get a diverse array of produce that changes every time you order.
Choose from Small – £25, Medium – £40 & Large – £55
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Product Description

Choose how many people you’re ordering for and the size of the box you’d like and we’ll tell you how many meals that will roughly give you.

We’ll choose produce based on what else you’ve selected to order, your previous orders and your preferences to make sure you get a great selection of different produce with each order.

Each box is made up to the value with roughly 50% meat, 25% Fruit & Veg, 25% Eggs, Dairy & others.

Our meal portioning is based an average person’s meat intake and the Fruit, Veg and rest is to supplement.

If you’d like to tailor your selection box to more Veg (for example) please mention this along with any wants/want nots too in the preferences box.

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